lamya aljabi


interior designer




As a certified interior designer and NCIDQ certificate holder, Lamya brings over 20 years of professional experience to the studio. She has a wealth of knowledge on the entire end-to-end custom home specification process from design and materials right through to furniture and finishings.

Her insatiable passion and eclectic life experience make her a great asset to her clients and the Borrelli team.
As something of a gourmet chef and baker, she promises to give Michael Borrelli a run for his money in the Borrelli Kitchen (could a round 2 cook-off event be in the cards for 2017??) and looks forward to cooking for clients as is the custom in our studio!

Lamya speaks five languages and she is bound to speak yours, so call the studio today to set up a lunch meeting and come meet our new powerhouse designer!