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One of the greatest things I enjoy about the Borrelli Design showroom is that it is constantly evolving.  I can be gone for a week and almost guarantee that something will have changed by the time I get back.  Our latest adventure consists of Michael and the Borrelli crew moving an existing showcase piece out of our showroom, knocking down walls, adding gas lines and venting to make Rebecca Flynn’s design concept a reality.  We will be featuring countertop material by Dekton, custom wall (veneer and textured) panels,  custom hood and BlueStar appliances (hint hint: the oven is in RAL 4009!).  As we watch the concept come to life in our showroom, we can’t help but share the ongoing work in progress with our readers.  Enjoy!

Showroom: Before Photo
Showroom: Current Time
Concept and Rendering by senior designer, Rebecca Flynn
The wall oven that inspired it all
A glimpse of the finishes

Be sure to keep checking back here as we continue posting the progress of our showroom!

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