Our showroom is open for appointments! Please call us at (619) 692-0734 to talk about your new kitchen, bath or home project!

Good design begins with good listening. The Borrelli designers listen to your goals for your space, present a solution, and then make it real. We are proud to offer high levels of customization and personalization on each and every project. We have successfully transformed many San Diego–area homes and businesses into function- al, stunning spaces, winning several awards along the way. We understand that our clientele have worked hard to achieve what they’ve earned in this world. Our job is to provide thoughtful, passionate design solutions. We all deserve and environment that reflects who we are.

This is the Borrelli Design process:

Michael Borrelli, Angie Anderson or Stephen Shaw will field your first inquiry. After an exchange of ideas regarding your proposed project, an appointment will be scheduled at the Borrelli Design offices to discuss the project in more detail. The scope of the work will be assessed, including establishing a rough timeline. A kitchen project, for example, generally takes three to six months to complete.

This first session is to determine the scope of the project, including plans, budget goals, and design fees. For kitchen and bath projects, we use a design survey created by the National Kitchen and Bath Association to establish the more specific and pertinent details of your project.

The next step is for the Borrelli team to meet at your home/project site to assess the site and further define the scope of work. We will finalize the design fees at this time.

We discuss the details of the project (e.g., appliances and cabinet styles and finishes) and renderings of the pro- posed design are provided at this time. This process can take about four to five weeks, depending on the size of the project.

Borrelli Design will then present you with a written proposal outlining the scope of the work (based on your input to date), the schedule, and the pricing of the project. Further details also will be discussed and finalized.

During this phase of fabrication (construction) and installation, you will be updated via weekly meetings.

Your project’s completion phase is the beginning of the final quality-control phase when all aspects of your project are examined and we will establish final approval of the project.