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Master Craftsman/Founder




Inspired by the artists and craftspeople in his own family and the revitalized Arts&Crafts movement in his native Rochester, New York, Michael Borrelli pursued a degree in design and industrial arts. His studies included metallurgy, ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, electronics, and printmaking at SUNY of Buffalo.He moved to San Diego in 1976 and formed Michael Borrelli Craftsman in 1978. Opening a small workshop on India Street, he constructed custom pieces on demand. He then expanded the business in 2001 to include a full range of interior design services.

*A former member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association from 2004 to 2016, served as a chapter president,National Chapter Representative, V.P of programs and earned his certified kitchen designer title. He is now retired from the organization and works full time as a master craftsman and designer.