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Earlier this year, Borrelli Design became an exclusive dealer of the BlueStar appliance line.  The company has been around since 1880, where each cooking product is beautifully handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania.  BlueStar takes pride in their work and demonstrates nothing but the highest of quality in their product line.

What makes BlueStar stand out from its competitors?
-BlueStar recognizes that no two chefs are alike, providing fully customizable ranges from the burner configurations, choice of 750+ colors and finishes to the multiples sizes to cater to each individual style and cooking preference.
-BlueStar appliances are made of commercial grade stainless steel.
-Burners as powerful as the PrimaNova 25,000 BTU burner, down to the gentle simmer of 130°F so that even the most delicate of sauces can be kept warm.
-Ranges from 30”-60” wide contain a full-extension oven rack and an oven capacity that can hold an 18”x26” commercial baking sheet.
-The convection ovens have a unique baffle design and convection fan system that provides restaurant quality and precision in baking.

The Borrelli Design showroom is proud to showcase a few of the beautiful and colorful pieces from BlueStar including several ranges, a hood and salamander.  Below is a sneak peek of what we have as we are remodeling our showroom to add a live kitchen so you’ll have to please excuse the dust for the time being. My personal favorite is the 24” freestanding range in the yellow finish.

One of the best features of this showroom is how it’s constantly evolving to showcase new products and new design ideas.  Stay tune for more updates!

On behalf of the Borrelli Design team, we wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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