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As we continue to work on remodeling our showroom and adding in a live kitchen, we are grateful for our BlueStar rep, John Novella who came by last Thursday to do 5 hours worth of cooking demonstration on our live 30” BlueStar cooktop.  Fully equipped with two 22,000 BTU burners, an 8.5 BTU burner and 1 simmer, this is an action-packed cooktop even when space is limited.  Many more cooking demonstrations to come!

30″ BlueStar Cooktop
Michael Borrelli and John Novella showcasing their culinary skills!


Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our showroom yesterday to enjoy the stir fry that John cooked up as well as some delicious wine and cheese.  We always enjoy seeing our friends and making new ones.

Special thanks to Robin Borrelli from http://robinborrelli.com/ for helping us set up all the extra goodies!

We’ve got some new exciting projects in the works these past few months and can’t wait to start showing pictures of all the beautiful projects!

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